"Nerds? What nerds?", or "How to spend a decade doing something you love."

“Nerds? What nerds?”, or “How to spend a decade doing something you love.”

While I had formed a strong impression that Adam Savage was a card-carrying members of Geekdom, based on the fervor he displays on the Mythbustershow, I was not quite prepared for the level of advance geek-ery displayed with amazing style and grace in the video linked below.  I have been a fan of the film, Alien, since is premiered in 1979, and always enjoy seeing another fan reach some plateau…

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The Life of Bolaji Badejo

The Life of Bolaji Badejo

Originally posted on Strange Shapes:


Bolaji Badejo was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 23rd, 1953, the second child to parents Victor and Elizabeth Badejo (née Bamidale). The family included, in order of birth: Akin, Bolaji, a sister Debo, Posi, Boyega, and Deji. Their mother, according to Boyega, was a “welfare administrator, one-time business owner, housewife and a hostess.”

Their father,…

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"between galaxies, drifting through empty space…"

“between galaxies, drifting through empty space…”


Image borrowed from The Catacombs’ Series Guides

Ever have one of those stretches in your life where you have more projects than time?

I’m in the thick of one right now…

…and the quote that serves as the title of today’s posting seems appropriate.

Along about the time of “Dragon’s Domain” (Year One, 23rd Episode).  Helena Russell’s narration opens this haunting episode:

“It was the eight…

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The Summers Most Unread Book Is… | The Wall Street Journal

The Summers Most Unread Book Is… | The Wall Street Journal

What did we do before technology overran the reading of books?  The following article from the Wall Street Journal website takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to figuring out which books are begun and finished, and which are begun and…well, not finished.

Check it out and see if you agree with the methodology.

And while you do that, I’ve got some reading to catch up on!


The Summers Most…

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Bonaparte’s Retreat

Bonaparte’s Retreat

Emmylou Harris’s Bonaparte’s Retreat Dog Rescue provides nurturing care for adoptable dogs when their allotted time at the shelter has elapsed, aiming to prevent these wonderful animals from being euthanized and to adopt them into permanent, loving homes.

And if tickets to “Woofstock” are this cheap, we gotta get to Nashville next June!

Bonaparte’s Retreat.


via Bonaparte’s Retreat.

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